Increased efficiency at Hedin Parts Nyköping

April 22, 2024

Increased Efficiency in Nyköping

Hedin Parts is a distributor of spare parts and provider of logistics services, operating as part of Hedin Mobility Group since mid-2022. Since then, efforts have been underway to consolidate the logistics and distribution of automotive parts within the group, with the ambition of becoming a leading European spare parts distributor.
Spare parts distribution is a critical part of the value chain for workshops and end customers. Hedin Parts’ main operations are located i Nyköping with head office and warehouse spanning 57,000 square meters. Nyköping has a strategic location in Sweden and enables deliveries of spare parts over-night to more than 90% of Swedish workshops.
Hedin Parts is the center of Hedin Mobility Group’s spare parts distribution business and a corner stone in our group’s strategy to expand its spare parts and accessories distribution business in both Sweden and Europe. The warehouse already had a high degree of automation tailored to spare parts operations, but recently Hedin Parts installed the automated warehouse system AutoStore. This investment significantly increased the warehouse efficiency and service level for smaller automotive parts. 50% of the spare parts carried by Hedin Parts are suitable for the AutoStore system. Each of the 40,000 bins has a capacity to carry 30 kg.
The system has been operational since January of this year and has been receiving an increasing number of spare parts through it. However the full potential of the system’s capabilities has not yet been fully explored.


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About the installation of AutoStore

It took 10 weeks to build the entire solution. The key to a successful installation was a stable foundation, the floor casting must be precise to the millimeter for the robots to function. This time lapse movie will give you an idea of its size.

Facts about AutoStore
• Size: 56m x 28m x 6m
• Area: approximately 1600 m2
• 27 robots - speed 3.1 m/s
• 12 work ports for picking, packing, and storage
• 40,000 bins
• 950 order lines per hour

Hedin Mobility Group is rapidly expanding in Europe and has become a retailer of over 40 car brands. As part of our growth strategy, we will continue to establish a spare parts distribution operation that will serve the entire European market. This will help us to create additional value across the entire value chain. “The vehicle manufacturers and brands we work with will thereby gain an even stronger European partner in us”, says Anders Hedin, founder and CEO of Hedin Mobility Group.