Our History

The story about Hedin Mobility Group begins already in 1955 when Ingemar Hedin pursues a career in automotive retail. In 1985, Ingemar and his son Anders Hedin acquires a Mercedes-Benz and Nissan dealership in their hometown Borås.

The company I.A. Hedin Bil AB (today Hedin Mobility Group AB) is founded and in their first year of business, Ingemar and Anders sell 800 vehicles. Almost 40 years later, we still represent Mercedes-Benz and Nissan – and continue to serve customers in Sweden under the Hedin Bil trademark. But today, we sell more than 180,000 vehicles in fourteen European markets with a portfolio of 40+ brands.

What was once a two-brand car dealer in western Sweden has grown into a powerhouse in the European automotive and mobility industry. This is the story of Hedin Mobility Group.

Swedish expansion 1985–

During their first years of business, Ingemar and Anders build a reputable operation as a retailer and aftermarket service provider for Mercedes-Benz and Nissan vehicles.

In 1990 we acquire the car retailer Philipson in Halmstad, marking the beginning of our Swedish expansion and the Hedin group’s acquisition journey that continues to this day. Our initial expansion began in the southwest and continued to the northeast parts of Sweden.

In 1995, we added truck sales to our business, and during the 1990’s the business grows with a total of seven Mercedes-Benz dealerships and a construction company.

Moving into the new century, we continue to acquire and open more than 15 new dealerships in addition to adding new brands to our portfolio, such as Smart, Jeep, Land Rover, KIA, and Renault.

From the beginning we have been committed to exceeding our customers' expectations and reinvesting any excess capital back into the company to be prepared for future opportunities.

From 800 sold vehicles in 1985 to 180,000 in 2022

New businesses and markets 2005–

We continue to expand our portfolio with automotive brands like Citroen, Dacia, Ford, and Subaru. We strengthen our core business by acquiring a spare parts distributor in Göteborg and making our first move into new mobility solutions as we become partner in private leasing pioneer Car to Go Sweden (Carplus).

In the mid 2010's, we acquire the car rental company MABI, Klintberg & Way Group, which imports and distributes spare parts and accessories for American cars, and Dawa Tires – thereby widening our expertise and service offerings.

All at the same time as we grow as a significant Swedish car retailer, opening 10+ new dealerships – including a brand-new AMG Center in Göteborg.

Expansion abroad and as distributor 2017–

In 2017, we embark on our European expansion by acquiring the dealer group Bavaria with operations in Norway and Sweden, allowing us to sell BMW, MINI, and Porsche and also distribute BMW spare parts.

Moreover, we establish our first Hedin Automotive retail operations in Belgium through acquisition of three companies and seven Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The same year we were appointed the official importer and distributor of Dodge and RAM vehicles in Europe.

In Sweden our retail operations continue to grow, not least the Ford and BMW business, and we introduce the Carstore trademark, a dedicated used vehicles retailer. In the last five years, we have grown into one of Europe’s largest automotive retailers.

The Hedin Automotive footprint in Europe has expanded through acquisitions in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland and most recently, in the United Kingdom. In 2022 we also acquired the Motor-Car Group with market-leading retail and aftermarket operations in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Our vehicle import/distribution is significantly expanded in 2021-2022. We are appointed official importer for Ford passenger and commercial vehicles in Sweden, distributor for the EV brand MG in Sweden, and together with Salvador Caetano Group we acquire the import and distribution of Renault, Dacia, and Alpine in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to that, we secure the distribution rights for BYD in Sweden and Germany, INEOS Grenadier in eleven European markets, Hongqi in Sweden and the Netherlands, and Ford F-150 in Europe.

We grow our spare parts distribution through the acquisition of Orio (now Hedin Parts and Logistics), with a global network and operations in Sweden, USA, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

To reflect our broadened business and our role in the changing automotive industry, all automotive-related operations in the Hedin Group were gathered in the company I.A. Hedin Bil which by the end of 2021 was renamed to Hedin Mobility Group.

In 2023, we moved our Group functions and several of our companies into the newly-built Hedin Group HQ in Mölndal, Sweden – further increasing our opportunities to continue build a strong European company creating value for customers, employees, partners, and the communities in which we operate in.


Our continuous expansion with new brands and businesses have made us one of Europe's largest mobility providers, representing more than 40 automotive brands.

We import and distribute eleven automotive brands to various European countries, and our distribution of spare parts and accessories has grown.

Furthermore, we also offer innovative mobility solutions to our customers, enabling their everyday mobility needs. 

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