Vehicles and Spare Parts

We are a significant importer/distributor of vehicles, spare parts, tires, rims, and wheels as well as accessories on the European market.

On this page, you can read more about the automotive brands that we are representing and our spare parts distribution operations.  

Our vehicle distribution brands

Sales points50

BYD – the EV pioneer

Since 2022, we are distributor of the world-leading electric vehicle manufacturer BYD in Germany and Sweden. BYD's electric passenger cars are distributed in both markets by Hedin Electric Mobility. 

In Sweden, BYD cars are sold through our dealer groups Hedin Bil and Bavaria Bil. In the German market, our dealer group Torpedo Gruppe retails the brand, in addition to five other leading dealer groups. With this setup, we ensure nationwide market reach and know-how as we are establishing BYD in these two markets.


In late 2023 and early 2024, the product range expands with additional new models as we continue to increase brand awareness and market shares for the pioneering EV brand.

Distribution IN:
Registered vehicles (2022)2,670
Sales points131

Dodge and RAM – European import since 2017

Our Dodge and RAM European import operations is conducted by Klintberg & Way Automotive. 2022 was a record year both in terms of sales and profitability. Homologation is carried out in our facilities in Bremerhaven, Germany, where we made investments during the year with plans to expand our capacity to convert up to 6,000 cars annually.

In 2023, our main focus is increasing sales with a target of selling 3,500 cars for the year. We plan to make significant investments in marketing and systems to support this goal, as we prepare for even stronger investment from 2024 onwards.

Off-road sequences on dedicated land with full permissions. All in-car features should be used by drivers only when safe for them to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times. Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect the latest European specifications and locations, vehicles used may be outside of the Europe, and imagery may be computer-generated and may include available and aftermarket equipment.

Distribution in:
Registered vehicles (2022)17,106
Sales points66

Ford – increasing market shares

Hedin Motor Company manages import and distribution of Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Sweden. In 2022, Ford's market share increased by an impressive 12%, totaling 5.3%. This growth was supported by the completion of a dealer network restructuring, which resulted in five major geographic clusters.

The Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid became Sweden's second best-selling model in its segment in 2022.

Looking ahead, we're focused on strengthening the Ford brand in Sweden and launching several new commercial vehicle models this year. We're also excited about the upcoming launch of the all-new Ford Explorer, a crossover SUV in the volume segment, and Ford's second fully electric passenger car to reach the Swedish market.

Distribution in:

Ford F-150 – the American icon comes to Europe

In 2022, Hedin US Motor was appointed European importer of the Ford F-150 – the world's most-sold pickup truck. The first launch was carried out in Sweden in April 2023 with Germany next in line as well as more markets as we continue to build the European dealer network of authorized Ford retailers.

Since the collaboration began, the focus has been on establishing the central importer organization and the Swedish market. We have received an official sign-off from Ford Motor Company for the European homologation of the F-150, which will be carried out by our Group company KW Automotive in Bremerhaven.

In 2023, the focus is on product launches in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, the start of sales, and the first deliveries. The estimated volume in the first phase is approximately 2,000 vehicles.

Off-road sequences on dedicated land with full permissions. All in-car features should be used by drivers only when safe for them to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times. Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect the latest European specifications and locations, vehicles used may be outside of the Europe, and imagery may be computer-generated and may include available and aftermarket equipment.

distribution in:
Sales points7

INEOS Grenadier – go over it, go through it

We are distributor and exclusive retailer of the new INEOS Automotive brand in eleven European countries. Even before the official launch – without any marketing efforts – the brand's first vehicle, the uncompromising 4x4 INEOS Grenadier, generated great interest, which has been strong ever since.

Distribution operations for the INEOS Grenadier in all our European markets are conducted by Hedin Adventure Car. Customer deliveries of the Grenadier began in several of our markets in early 2023.

Focus ahead is on continuing positioning and rolling out the brand, as well as establishing additional retailers to further expand our reach. With a promising start and a strong commitment to our customers, we're excited to see what the future holds for the INEOS Automotive brand in Europe.

Distribution in:
Sales points18

Hongqi – Elevate your electric journey

As the exclusive importer and retailer of the prestigious Hongqi brand in Sweden and Benelux, we introduced the all-electric luxury SUV Hongqi E-HS9 in all markets in 2023.

Looking ahead, the focus is on expanding the dealer network and further developing our import organisation to increase brand recognition and take full advantage of the unique potential of Hongqi's all-electric models in the market.

Importer of Hongqi in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden is Hedin Premium Car, and the brand is sold exclusively through our dealer groups Hedin Bil and Hedin Automotive.

distribution in:
Registered vehicles (2022)8,456
Sales points50

MG – the electric re-launch success story

Since 2021, Hedin MG Sweden is the distributor of the re-launched, electric vehicle brand MG in Sweden. The brand got off to a flying start in the Swedish market and only 18 months after the market introduction, the milestone of 10,000 delivered cars was reached.

In 2022, MG successfully launched two new electric car models: MG4 and MG5. The brand enjoyed great media impact and expanded the MG network with additional dealerships.

In 2023, two new versions of the MG4 will be launched. The focus is also on further expanding the distribution network with a focus on the northeast coast of Sweden, as well as expanding corporate sales. MG aims to become one of the three largest electric car brands in Sweden and to reach a segment share of 10%. As part of this, the goal is to deliver car number 20,000 on the Swedish market during this year.

Registered vehicles*14,194
Sales points136

Renault, Dacia, and Alpine – design, functionality, and pure driving pleasure

RN Nordic, owned to equal parts by us and Salvador Caetano Group, manages the import and distribution of the Renault, Dacia, and Alpine brands in Sweden and Denmark.

In 2022, Renault launched two successful all-electric models in 2022, the Megane E-Tech and Kangoo E-Tech commercial vehicle, while Dacia had a strong sales development during the year. 

In 2023, focus is on establishing a new distribution network structure to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and market shares. There will also be investments in IT to strengthen our digital capabilities as part of the work to drive sustainable growth for the brands.

* Refers to the period May – December 2022 (after completed acquisition)

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Our spare parts distribution brands

Countries with operations5

Hedin Parts is active in spare parts distribution and logistics services and a part of the Group since mid-2022 when former Orio was acquired. Since the acquisition work is underway on uniting all distribution of parts and products within Hedin Mobility Group’s aftermarket business to Hedin Parts, with the ambition to become a leading European spare parts distributor.

Hedin Parts is the exclusive global supplier of Saab Original spare parts through a global network in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The company has sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in Sweden, the USA, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. The head office and logistics and distribution center, including a central warehouse of 57,000 sq.m. with a high degree of automation tailored to spare parts operations, are strategically located in Nyköping, Sweden between Stockholm and Norrköping.

Interwheel, one of Sweden’s largest companies in the tyre sector and distributor for Alutec rims, Kumho tyres and Cooper’s tyre range, became a subsidiary of Hedin Parts, in early 2023. The ambition is to expand the activities in the distribution and sales of wheels and tyres to Europe.

In addition, Hedin Parts has also been running operations in car dismantling since early 2023 and will during the year launch more product groups, including recycled spare parts, to further strengthen the company’s offer and the Group’s aftermarket business.

Net sales, MSEK370

KW Parts

KW Parts is an authorized partner for GM and Mopar (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM) and the market leader in Europe in selling spare parts and accessories for American cars and pickups.

The business saw its best year ever in 2022 in terms of both net sales and profitability. During the year a relocation of the warehouse to Hedin Parts and Logistics began, which will result in an improved delivery rate to customers and allow a further increase in sales.

The strategic focus for 2023 is to complete the relocation of warehouse operations within spare parts, with as little negative effect on customers as possible. At the same time, the product range will be gradually expanded in the last three quarters of the year to allow a strong increase in sales from mid-2023 onward.

Workshop partners200
Net sales, MSEK450

GS Bildeler, Koed, BNC Nordic Distribution

GS Bildeler is the largest independent supplier of BMW and MINI parts and accessories in Scandinavia, with a strong digital presence and eight locations across Norway and Denmark. The company collaborates with over 200 partner workshops to provide excellent technical support in both countries.

Additionally, GS Bildeler has a close partnership with Koed, a BMW and MINI spare parts specialist, in which Hedin Mobility Group owns a 60% stake.

In 2022, we merged our brake and detailing companies, Conlogo and Brakes Norway, under the new name BNC. In 2023, we continue to prepare for expansion beyond Norway.