Mobility Solutions

Within the Mobility solutions area we are exploring, developing, and adding new businesses that are addressing changing customer preferences and sales models in the automotive industry. Our portfolio of mobility solutions includes a wide range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Our subsidiary Car to Go Sweden offers private leasing through Customers can lease a brand-new car or a pre-owned for a shorter leasing period. Car brand, model, colour, delivery location and dealer are chosen entirely by the customer. Own your life, not your car.


Unifleet offers a brand-neutral fleet management and leasing solution to companies of all sizes. Through the company’s inhouse-developed system, a telematics solution is used to connect cars and streamline driving record management.


MABI Mobility offers car sharing with sustainability and customer-driven needs in focus. The vision is to meet the customer’s mobility needs, whether it is per hour, a day, or for longer periods. MABI operates a substantial fleet comprised of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including a wide range of premium models and luxury cars.


Hedin Supercharge

Hedin Supercharge is a new company in the Swedish electric vehicle charging market. Charging points will open adjacent to Hedin dealerships around the country. With a capacity of 300 kW we offer fast and efficient services, and the goal is to become a leading actor in Sweden. Our first charging points opened in September 2023.

Automotive Industry Faces Growing Pressure to Address Environmental Impact

As one of the largest industries in the world, the automotive sector has a significant environmental, social, and economic impact. One of the most pressing issues related to climate change is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the transportation sector.

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