Our Business

Through our three business areas Distribution, Retail, and Mobility Solutions, we have a significant presence in the various stages of our industry’s value chain: from the import and distribution of new vehicles to the recycling of parts from cars that have reached the end of their life cycle.


We act as importer and/or distributor for several vehicle brands within the European market. We distribute vehicles to both own as well as external retailers.

Our Distribution business also includes wholesale and distribution of spare parts, accessories, and tires and rims, as well as logistics solutions.


With more than 300 own dealerships and more than 700 sales points across twelve countries, offering customers end-to-end solutions for new and used vehicles from more than 40 brands, we are one of Europe’s largest automotive dealers.

Mobility Solutions

Within Mobility Solutions, we are exploring, developing, and adding new businesses that are addressing changing customer preferences and sales models in the automotive industry. Our Group’s portfolio of mobility solutions includes a wide range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. 

IT services and Investments

In addition to our core automotive business areas, our operations also comprise inhouse business-essential IT services as well as strategic investments in companies and services in the automotive and mobility industry.

IT services

Hedin IT

Our inhouse IT company provides the Group with high-end operations, support, and digital development to support our companies, business areas and Group functions to deliver value to customers and internally.


Through our e-commerce business, we develop and manage proprietary technology that enables online leasing solutions and purchasing of vehicles, spare parts, tyres and rims, and more.


Pendragon PLC | Ownership share: 27.6% | pendragonplc.com

One of the UK’s leading automotive retailers, operating over 160 locations nationwide.

Casi (formerly Imove) | Ownership share: 10.5%* | casi.auto

Provides holistic technology enabling custom-made, scalable car subscription services targeting white-label customers.

Lasingoo Sverige | Ownership share: 24% | lasingoo.se

An industry-owned online portal for comparison and booking of service.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Slovakia | Ownership share: 25%

Provider of automotive financial services to all Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Slovakia.

*Ownership share in Mama Holding Company AS.