Carplus develops digital services for the automotive industry and has been a part of the Hedin Group since 2014.

On the website , customers can choose from leasing offers bundled with insurance, car service and administration, a hassle-free and up-to-date alternative to owning your own car. The company is the leading provider of car leasing online in Sweden and has ongoing expansion plans in Norway.

Carplus Store
Choosing and buying a car should be easy, therefore customers are offered the opportunity to see the products live and to get information about the services offered by Carplus early in the decision-making process at Carplus Store.

The stores are located in Akalla Stockholm, at the Väla shopping center outside Helsingborg and at the 421 shopping center in Gothenburg. The locations make it easy for customers to stop after their shopping spree and see the latest model range in the automotive world.