Interview with Victor Liljenberg – CEO Hedin Electric Mobility

The plan was never to work with cars, but with aeroplanes. Despite this, Victor Liljenberg is now CEO of the company that distributes the world’s largest electric car brand in Sweden.

Victor Liljenberg has worked in Hedin Mobility Group since 2014. He started as a controller in spare parts and then proceeded to work on more wide-ranging tasks with business development in the aftermarket, where together with a colleague he developed and implemented the programme Verkstadslyftet (Workshop lift) in 2015, as a means to generate additional sales and more workshop hours. 

Following this, he has also held several other positions such as brand manager for Nissan, site manager and regional manager before in 2022 a new career path opened in Hedin when the Group was appointed distributor for BYD – the world’s largest manufacturer of electrified vehicles – in Sweden and Germany. Victor was given and took the opportunity to shoulder responsibility for BYD distribution in the Swedish market in the role as CEO for Hedin Electric Mobility AB.  

“I have always been given the trust to try new things and develop”

- Victor Liljenberg

What’s it like to run a company in Hedin Mobility Group?

– Well, now I’m in charge of a separate company in Hedin’s distribution business, but in my previous roles within the company I also always ran all my departments and business areas as if they were my own company. This is something that is really encouraged – you get lots of freedom under responsibility to run and develop your activities and your staff in order to achieve the results you have agreed on. 

What are Hedin Mobility Group’s main strengths as an employer, in your opinion?

– The opportunity to be able to work in various roles with various types of activities in one and the same group is something I consider a great strength. And the opportunities to develop as a person. I have always had strong ambition and will and my managers have always put trust in me to try out new roles and tasks. And then I really like the approach of always finding solutions and ways forward. It’s in our DNA to dare to try out and be fleet-footed. Once we have taken a decision we implement it – I think that’s really cool, Victor concludes.