April 18, 2024

Hedin Mobility Group's subsidiary, Hedin Automotive N.V. is appointed retailer of XPENG in Belgium and Luxembourg


April 18, 2024 - Hedin Automotive is expanding its brand portfolio with XPENG, the Chinese high end smart EV.

This strategic partnership underscores Hedin Automotive’s commitment to enriching the Belgian and Luxembourg automotive market with innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Hedin Automotive will play a pivotal role in introducing XPENG's cutting-edge electric vehicles, encompassing sales, after-sales service, and customer support. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Hedin Automotive’s dedication to delivering a diverse and eco-friendly range of vehicles to its environmentally conscious customers.

"We are honoured to bring XPENG to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. XPENG scores highly in terms of innovation, sustainability and smart technology. This fits perfectly with our mission: to offer customers not just a car, but an advanced driving experience. Together with XPENG, we are determined to make our market even greener", said Anders Hedin, CEO of Hedin Mobility Group.

“XPENG is expanding rapidly in Europe and we are happy to now also add Belgium and Luxembourg to our network”, said Elvis Cheng, General Manager Northern Europe at XPENG. “Hedin is a prominent and trusted automotive partner and I am confident that together with them we can make XPENG a success in these markets.”

Interested customers are welcome to visit the Hedin Automotive showrooms in; Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Maldegem (new location) and in Luxembourg. These selected locations will be opened before the end of the second quarter this year.

Hedin Automotive will offer the XPENG P7 and G9. The P7 is a dynamic sedan with a WLTP driving range of up to 576 km while the G9 is a spacious SUV with up to 570 km WLTP driving range that can fast charge with up to 300 kW thanks to its 800V battery. Later, the XPENG G6 will also be added to the range in the dealerships.

Consumers eager to embrace the future of driving with XPENG's electric vehicles can expect unparalleled customer service and expertise from Hedin Automotive, reflecting the company's renowned legacy in the luxury automotive industry.


XPENG is a Chinese technology company founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs with a shared vision of changing the future of mobility using technology. The head office and one of the factories are in Guangzhou, in the south of China (near Hong Kong). XPENG has been building cars since 2018, but the company also focuses on other forms of mobility, such as through the air. XPENG cars are characterized by intelligent assistance, safety and comfort systems that are easy to use by everyone, partly due to an operating system developed in-house (Xmart OS). XPENG cars are already driving completely autonomously in parts of China. In Europe, XPENG is currently active in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Benelux; the European head office is in Amsterdam.

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