May 17, 2024

Carstore, the international chain for used cars starts its operations in Finland


Hedin Mobility Group has launched Carstore, the Group’s dedicated used car retail chain in Finland. The first Carstore locations have now opened in Helsinki and Tampere and further expansion of the Carstore network in Finland is planned during 2024. Carstore already operates in Sweden and Norway.

The market for used cars is expected to grow, and therefore Hedin Mobility Group have decided to strengthen its position in the Finnish used car market by establishing two new Carstore locations. Carstore, a concept that has been available on the Swedish market since 2020, will offer a wide range of used, condition-checked vehicles from multiple well-known brands. Carstore offers everything from smaller vehicles to high-performance SUVs.

Country Manager Gzim Hasani is responsible for the operations in Finland. In addition to the newly opened stores in Helsinki and Tampere, Carstore plans to open additional locations during 2024.

"We look forward to bringing the Carstore concept, a dedicated used car business, to Finland. With the extensive experience and resources of Hedin Mobility Group behind us, we are confident we can offer our customers a unique used car shopping experience. We aim to be the first natural contact when the customer is buying, replacing or selling a used car," says Hasani.

Carstore also offers its customers a wide range of additional services from tires to maintenance.

Carstore offers a safe and easy shopping experience

"We are both happy and proud to start up our two new dealerships in Finland. Consumers are interested in used cars and we expect the market to grow further. We are constantly developing our services with a focus on high quality. We also want to provide a wide range of different car brands to suit our customers’ needs," says Peter Lampret, CEO of Carstore.

Carstore locations in Finland

Carstore Helsinki Konala, Ruosilantie 5, 000390 Helsinki
Carstore Tampere, Lakalaivankatu 1, 33840 Tampere

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