March 26, 2024

Raine Wermelin appointed COO for Hedin Mobility Group's Nordic retail operations of BMW and MINI.


Hedin Mobility Group and BMW have a successful and strategically important partnership in the European car market. Currently, Hedin Mobility Group operates 49 dealerships for the brand in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. To further develop the business, the operations in Norway, Sweden, and Finland are now being coordinated into a unified Nordic organization.

To lead the development of the new organization within Hedin Mobility Group, Raine Wermelin is appointed as Chief Operating Officer. The respective CEOs of Bavaria Norway, Bavaria Sweden, and Bavaria Finland will report to the COO. The appointment will take effect on April 8th.

Raine Wermelin has 17 years of experience in leading positions within Volkswagen Group Sweden, including the role of Director for Porsche Sweden where he demonstrated significant business growth in the Swedish market over nine years. He most recently served as Business Performance Director for Hedin Mobility Group. He succeeds Marcus Larsson, who will increase his involvement in Hedin Mobility Group's operations as a retailer and importer in the strategically important German market, as well as in the group's spare parts division.

"Hedin Mobility Group is one of Europe's largest retailers of BMW and MINI. We are delighted to have Raine on board to lead our continued growth in the Nordics with these important brands. With his solid experience and industry knowledge, we are enhancing our focus on this strategically important business. I would also like to extend a big thank you to Marcus Larsson for his valuable contributions to these companies," says Anders Hedin, CEO of Hedin Mobility Group.

"I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to continue in this new role within Hedin Mobility Group – its growth and ongoing ambitions are very inspiring. My experience from previous assignments within the industry and the group will help me contribute to the continued development of the business with BMW and MINI in the Nordic markets," says Raine Wermelin.

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