May 28, 2024

Hedin Supercharge inaugurates 1.2 MW Charging Station in Linköping


MÖLNDAL, 24 maj 2024 - Since 2023, Hedin Supercharge has been building public high-speed charging stations at various locations in Sweden. The vision is to become one of Sweden's leading charging operators for electric vehicles. On May 31 at 1:00 PM, a charging station capable of delivering 1.2 Megawatts of power will be inaugurated for the first time, aimed at providing fast charging even for heavy trucks.

Linköping offers a strategic location along the E4, where many transports and journeys occur between the country's larger cities. The new charging station will be situated adjacent to Hedin Bil's new facilities, which also include a truck center offering both sales and service for heavy trucks.

With the inauguration in Linköping, we open a new chapter and start working more with the transport sector. Together with our existing and upcoming charging stations for passenger cars, we are now well-prepared for expansion both within and beyond Sweden's borders. We strongly believe that our offer of fast and easy charging will simplify all types of electrified transport in the future”, says Erik Aspholmer, CEO of Hedin Supercharge.

During the inauguration day, visitors will not only see the charging station itself but also experience the latest in electrified transport as the global giant BYD showcases its latest electric truck, the ETM6, on-site. Simultaneously, Hedin Bil will inaugurate one of the country's most modern truck facilities, which visitors will have the opportunity to experience firsthand.

The charging facility consists, at the inauguration, of 4 CCS2 charging spots with Kempower's liquid-cooled charging satellites with a power output of up to 400 kW. Megawatt charging will be offered at the end of 2024 when Kempower's first MCS solutions are delivered. The project has been ongoing for a long time, with early planning for truck charging. By building their own transformer station, there is good capacity for future needs. The total charging capacity at Hedin Bil's facilities in Linköping now includes 4 truck spots and 7 passenger car spots.

We are very pleased to be leading a pioneering project to offer charging stations capable of delivering over 1 MW. Developing the possibility of also running heavy transport on electric power is important for the continued electrification of society. We are proud to make this possible in partnership with Hedin Supercharge and Kempower”, says Martin Lundgren, Scandinavia Manager at Virta.

Hedin Supercharge will continue its rapid expansion of charging stations for passenger cars both in Sweden and across Europe. The investment in charging heavy vehicles like the one in Linköping will also continue.

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