June 10, 2024

Helena Sauramo appointed Managing Director of Hedin Automotive Oy


MÖLNDAL, 10 June 2024 - The Board of Hedin Mobility Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Helena Sauramo as Managing Director of Hedin Automotive Oy, effective September 23, 2024.

Helena Sauramo will assume full responsibility for leading and developing Hedin Automotive's car retail operations in Finland for both Hedin Automotive Finland Oy and Hedin Automotive Retail Oy. Additionally, she will serve as the Managing Director of Hedin Automotive Oy, the parent company providing accounting, HR, and other administrative services to all Hedin Mobility Group subsidiaries in Finland.

Helena’s leadership will be crucial in achieving the company’s ambitious growth targets and solidifying its position as the leading car retailer in Finland. Additionally, she will focus on enhancing the company’s esteemed reputation in the market.

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, and in this new situation, companies that will succeed will benefit from economies of scale, as well as from comprehensive business model and value chain. Finland is one of our main markets, and I am pleased to welcome Helena as new Managing Director of our Finnish retail operations. She has strong background from automotive industry and solid track record from Managing Director positions.” says Anders Hedin, CEO of Hedin Mobility Group.

I am proud and excited to join Hedin Mobility Group and to be part of the journey towards the leading Finnish retail car operator. Hedin Automotive is a relatively new actor in Finland, but it has been formed through the acquisitions of traditional, well known and established companies such as Laakkonen and Delta Auto possessing great personnel and strong purpose of thriving towards excellent customer satisfaction,” says Helena Sauramo.

Helena continues: “My top priority will be to provide exceptional customer service and an outstanding customer experience. Ensuring high quality across our operations will create value for our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Hedin Mobility Group’s growth has been unprecedented, and we have many synergies to leverage and best practices and solutions to bring to Finland, in addition to continuing the integration of Finnish operations. I am approaching this role with ambitious growth and profitability goals”.

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